Mauro Kastro
To many people Mauro Castro is an unfamiliar name, but to the people that know me I am true admiration. I am a person that has gone through many struggles in my lifetime. Hardly any people believed in me and most people put me down.

Just as I was going to give up all possibilities of improving my lifestyle, I stumbled across the old CD of Santana. While listening to the song Evil Ways, I was inspired and reminded of my passion, which was music. Although Elvis Presley, Ray Camacho, and Santana have different styles of music, they have all had a major influence on my life, and on my music. Music was my way out of the life I had been trying so hard to get away from. Little did I know that it was the beginning to a whole new different kind of struggle.

Little by little I began to do shows in alleys and backyards. Then I was able to play a couple times at The Hop, in the City of Industry in 2000. Later in 2002, I played at the Long Beach Live Festival in downtown Long Beach. But it wasnt until 2003 that my dreams came true. I was able to open at the Galaxy for Malo & Tierra. Since then I have put on small concerts in the back of my video store and played at the Bravo Night Club in 2004. Now I have a bigger dream that I wants to come true, and that is to play at the Greek Amphitheatre.